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Social Studies Project Due Oct. 25.  Report on Italy.

Write a paragraph about the country of Italy.  Your paragraph should have a topic sentence, at least 5 detail sentences, and a closing sentence.  Be sure to include the customs and traditions of the country.  Also, please include at least 3 pictures to go with your report. Write down the website where you got your information.


Religion Project Due Nov. 1.  Topic: The Saints

Students are to pick a saint and get information about the life of that saint.  They will present this information to the class in character of the saint they have chosen.  Costumes and accessories may be worn.  For example, St. Francis of Assisi, students may hold a fake animal.  The presentation must be at least one minute long and note cards may be used to help the students during their presentation.


Religion Test Tuesday, Oct. 24.  Study Chapter 3.

Social Studies Test Oct. 26.  Study Chapter 1.  Be sure to study review pages at the end of each lesson and on pages 34-35.

Students need to bring in a folder for their writing work.


Spelling Test Oct. 27

  1. float
  2. toad
  3. home
  4. window
  5. open
  6. coast
  7. bowl
  8. grows
  9. scold
  10. broke


Be sure to study for Religion and Social Studies tests this weekend.







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