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TACHS 2021- Updates

Registration for TACHS 2021 begins on August 23rd- October 24th, 2021. Parents can register their student either online via the TACHS website at: www.tachsinfo.com or by calling the TACHS Help Desk at: 1-866-618-2247.


The TACHS website is live and open for Registration. The Request Form for Extended Testing Time has a firm deadline of October 8, 2021 (attached). A student must be registered with a TACHS ID number, completion of the Eligibility Form signed by the principal and supporting documents in order to be eligible for extended testing time. Please see all directions on TACHS Eligibility Form for requesting Extended Time.


The TACHS 2021 Student Handbook is only available online (attached) and should be emailed home to your eighth-grade parents.


Please contact the TACHS Help Desk for questions or registration at: 1-866-618-2247.


TACHS 2021 Registration Instructions

TACHS 2021 Student Handbook 

Eligibility Form Extended Time TACHS 2021