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Welcome to the web page for 7th grade homeroom, Religion, and Math, and 5th, 6th, and 8th Math.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can Dojo me or email me at   Mrs. Burns


This Friday, 2/28, is a free dress down for the students that attended Mass at the start of Catholic Schools Week.

Math  & Religion (7th)  homework 

Monday 2/24

Math 5th – 

Math 6th – workbook pages 45 & 46

Math 7th – 

Math 8th –

Tuesday 2/25

Math 5th – workbook pages 67 & 68

Math 6th – big book page 198 #5 to 12

Math 7th – 

Math 8th – 

Wednesday 2/26

Math 5th – big book p. 192

Math 6th – 

Math 7th – 

Math 8th – 


Tests, Projects, Reports, etc

Mid-winter recess Math packets are due 2/24/2020 and will be graded as a test grade.  The packets will be given out tomorrow, 2/12/2020.

5th grade project and math packet due 2/24/2020, each is worth 50 points

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