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The Resource Room at St. Peter Catholic Academy is the place where students with Individualized Education Services Programs or IESP’s, receive accommodations in compliance with their IESP’s.  In addition, any student needing Math and/or Reading remediation, who is not eligible for Title I Reading and/or Math, can receive Academic Intervention in the Resource Room, regardless of whether or not they have an IESP.  Also, students who did not meet the criteria for NYS ELA or Math test receive academic intervention in the Resource Room.

  • Students with IESP’s receive testing accommodations on all tests, including teacher-made tests, Terra Nova exams, and New York State ELA, Math and Science tests in the Resource Room.
  • The Resource Room teacher informs classroom teachers of students needing services and differentiated instruction in the classroom.
  • The Resource Room teacher acts as a liaison with the Committee on Special Education to insure that students needing evaluation, services and annual reviews are given access to these resources.
  • St. Peter Catholic Academy currently has independent licensed SETSS providers on staff, as well as a Speech/Language Therapist and a Guidance Counselor contracted through the Dept. of Education.

Here are some websites that may prove helpful for parents with questions about learning disabilities and IESP’s:

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