Pre K For All Welcome 2019/2020

As summer comes to a close, we look forward to meeting our new Pre-K for All children and their families. Welcome letters have been sent to you all at the addresses you provided during registration. However, below I will share all of that information.

Wednesday September 4: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – students will attend with a parent/guardian in one of two groups. Group A 8:30-10:00 and Group B 10:30-12:00. During this short session, parents will meet the teacher and receive any pertinent information for the upcoming school year. Attached you will find your child’s name, teacher/classroom, and the time they are scheduled to attend. Light Refreshments will be provided.

Thursday September 5: HALF DAY for all PKA students. Groups A and B will all attend together from 8:30-11:00 am. Snacks will be provided.

Friday September 6: FULL DAY of school for all PKA students. The school day begins at 8:30 and ends at 2:50. Breakfast, lunch, and snack will be provided.

PKA Arrival: On September 5, please arrive via the 85th street entrance of the building. The Pre-K for All program utilizes this entrance for morning arrival. Doors open every morning at 8:20 and children are expected to be here by 8:30.

PKA Dismissal: The Pre-K for All program utilizes the lower level of the building for dismissal. We dismiss from the white room in our school’s basement. The door is located on 23rd avenue to the right of the main entrance. For dismissal, the door opens at 2:40. Children sit with their teacher in a designated area and parents are ONLY PERMITTED TO TAKE THEIR CHILD WHEN ALL PRE-K CLASSES HAVE ARRIVED. We ask that you wait until all of the children have entered the white room for safety reasons.


**Please be aware that there is not an official supply list being sent out to parents as we do not require supplies. However, your child’s teacher will provide you will a suggested donation list during the first week of school. 


** Children are required to wear St. Peter Catholic Academy gym uniforms and Velcro sneakers. Laced sneakers are NOT permitted as they are a safety hazard.