Parents and Guardians

Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy
The Diocese of Brooklyn has formulated an Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy, which is summarized in the Parent-Student Handbook.    For many schools, this new policy reflects a stricter approach toward bullying and harassment.  However, at St. Peter Catholic Academy, we already have the strictest possible anti-bullying policies. The new Diocesan policy reinforces what we are already doing here. Please read both policies carefully. Cyber-Bullying and Anti-Bullying. It covers not only incidents at the academy but also electronic forms of communication outside of school.

Technology Use Policy

The students of the Academy are allowed to use their choice of device during the school day. However, students must maintain all devices and use them only for what their teachers have assigned. Please carefully read over this policy and review it with your child. Acceptable Use Policy for Technology August 2020

Photo Consent Form

St. Peter Catholic Academy is very active on our Social Media pages. We love to document and show off our amazing students off and all the hard work they do! If you feel comfortable have your children photographed please download our Photo Consent Form and send it in. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see how amazing our school is!

St. Peter Catholic Academy Handbook
Our Academy’s handbook lists policies, rules, and procedures that are essential for all parents and students to understand. The handbook also includes information about our daily schedules, grading system, uniform policy, bus service and more. Download our 2020-21 Academy Handbook

VIRTUS training
Only VIRTUS-trained parents/guardians can volunteer for class trips, events, etc. See below for instructions on how to register for a VIRTUS training session. Once you have completed the session, please submit a copy of your certificate to the Front Office.

1. Visit
2. Click Registration in the left sidebar
3. Click View a list of sessions
4. Select Brooklyn, NY (Diocese) from the dropdown menu and click Select
5. Once you find an upcoming session that works for you, click Start Registration at the top of the page and create a User ID and Password.
6. You will have the option to select the training session you would like to attend.