Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement
St. Peter Catholic Academy is a school firmly rooted in the Catholic Faith and Christ-centered love. Aware of our ever changing, culturally diverse population, our belief is that every individual student should be allowed to grow into each step of development with a proper sense of self-worth as a child of God, to make responsible decisions from the choices that he/she encounters. We recognize that teachers and parents are co-educators of children; therefore we strive to create a supportive environment with open lines of communication among administrators, parents, teachers and students. We work toward academic excellence, enhancing the social and emotional skills of our students and recognizing that each student has unique, God-given talents and skills. We encourage students to succeed to their highest cognitive level in order to meet the challenges of life in the Twenty-first Century.

Our Philosophy
We Believe

  • that Jesus Christ is central in our lives and guides all that we do.
  • that each student, as a child of God, be allowed to grow into each step of development.
  • that teachers and parents are partners in educating children and therefore the lines of communication between the two should always be open.
  • that a proper sense of self-esteem in children is integral to their making responsible decisions now and as adults.
  • that by providing for them a strong foundation in our Catholic Faith and by nurturing it in them as they mature, our students will be able to carry out the command of Jesus Christ to bring the Gospel to all people.
  • that spiritual formation is continuous and teachers and administrators must model, teach and encourage the spirit of Christianity taught by Jesus Christ.
  • that the classroom, as a microcosm of society, is where students learn acceptable interaction with peers and authority.
  • that all children can learn, and each student has unique God-given talents that must be acknowledged and developed.
  • that the school is a community of learners, and that we must instill a lifelong love of learning in each student.
  • that children can be encouraged to achieve academic excellence through the scholarship and professionalism of the faculty.
  • that it is important to prepare our students to take their places in the Church of the future as well as the world of the future.