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This Week In Pre-k

Ms. Luback & Mrs.Frugone

June 19th – June 23rd

Wow, this will be your child’s last full week of Pre-k. We have all learned                           so much and had a fun time doing so. Kindergarten is a huge transition; with                 this being said this week we will be reading some Kindergarten books in order to prepare your child for what’s to come. As well as reading Kindergarten stories, we will also be reviewing topics and strategies learned through the year. Your child will continue to learn so much in Kindergarten and though it will be a change we know he/she will do great! We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be apart of your child’s life and giving us the opportunity to educate and give him/her the necessary foundations.

Literacy: This week we will review the nursery rhymes and practice our stepping up songs. We will be reading a few books about Kindergarten.

The oral vocabulary words that we will be reviewing for the week are summer, Kindergarten, cafeteria and workbooks.

Writing: Students will be able to think about their year in Pre-k and draw a picture and explain what they liked the most. They will also be able to draw a picture and explain what they think they will learn and do next school year in Kindergarten.

Science: Students will have the opportunity to play with our different Science games in order to review the scientific conceptions we have learned this year.

Math: This week we will review and practice adding and subtracting using our fingers, objects and pictures. We will also conclude our year with learning about patterns.

Art: Using different art materials, students will be able to make a heart full of friends, a self- portrait, friendship wreath and sunglasses.

Please Remember:

  • Dress down days (SNEAKERS ONLY) are on June 19th – 23rd
  • We will be having a pizza party on Friday, June 23rd.
  • Monday, June 26th is our PKA stepping up ceremony. Students will wear their shirt that was Tie Dyed for the ceremony. (The shirts will be sent home this week.)

Educational Computer Games: