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Kindergarten Posts From 2016-2017

Posted on June 12, 2017

This Week in Mrs. Redden’s Kindergarten                                

June 12th  through June 14th, 2017

I can’t believe it, but this is our last weekly sheet!!  These children have grown so much and come so far since September and we are very proud of them.             Here are a few reminders.

  • Monday will be our make – up Walk-a-thon. It is a free dress down day!
  • Again,  please take books out of the book pouch and leave them home as you receive them.
  • I will also send home a Summer packet this week.  These are suggestions for activities and web sites for your child to help avoid ‘Summer slide’.
  • Please use up any N.U.T cards this week.  Also, Tuesday and Wednesday are paid dress down days.
  • The last day of school for Kindergarten is Wednesday, June 14th. You will receive your child’s certificate and report card on the day of the Step-up. I will be in school until June 22nd.
  • Please have your child in the gym by 4:45PM  for the Step- up ceremony which takes place on Thursday, June 15th. It will begin promptly at 5:00PM so be on time.
  • I ask that parents sit up front. If you are bringing a younger sibling and that child begins to cry or act out, I ask that one parent (or one of your guests) bring the child outside. Our kids have worked very hard and it would not be fair to have one or more children screaming in the audience during the performance.  We really appreciate your cooperation.  Also, if you are taking pictures, please don’t block the aisles and don’t go past the first row of chairs, as this will be distracting for the children.

Dress code for Kindergarten step-up:

In general, children should wear dress-up clothes; dresses for girls, collared shirts for boys.  Boys may wear shorts if it is hot.  Ties or jackets are not required. I ask that girls do not wear large hair ornaments or any jewelry that might be distracting to them.

If you get any good pics, email them to me at and I’ll try to post them on our class page.  Thanks and have a safe and happy summer.





Picnic in the Gym










We released our butterflies.  Bye-bye!





Brooklyn Botanic Garden.








Our Love in Bloom tree before  Easter and after Easter.  The flowers represent all the loving things the children did during Lent to prepare for Easter.






Our trip to the Brooklyn Public Library.  Many thanks to Maya’s mom, Mrs. Folkes, who did such a great job helping the children learn what a great resource the library is!



This week we measured our plants!     







We are observing our celery stalks. The leaves turned red after they were placed in colored water overnight. This shows us how water gets from the stem to the leaves.




Kindergarten celebrated the 100th day of school!                                  













Happy New Year everyone! Kindergarten had so much fun practicing and performing for the annual Christmas Extravaganza. The theme was, Santa Around the World. We learned and sang traditional Christmas songs from Poland, Italy, Mexico, and the good old USA. We even sang a Happy New Year song from China. We also performed these songs for the Happy Go Lucky Club! We are very proud of St. Peter’s Kindergarten.
























Our caterpillars have grown!                                   IMG_0990



In their ‘chrysalides’ stage, waiting to become butterflies .                                                                       IMG_1037[1]

IMG_1059   Here’s one butterfly!

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