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Welcome to First Grade 

Teacher name – Mrs DiDio.

I am looking forward to teaching your children this year. 

The first grade has a teddy bear named Buster.   You can take pictures with Buster and write about at least 3 adventures.    Each child will be taking  Buster home and returned  a week later.    There will be a notebook and the picture of Buster coming home with your child.  We start in alphabetical order.   

Nelly-    September 16- September 26: A job well done Nelly !!!!!

Zoey- September 23- 30 : A job well done Zoey!!!!!!!!!

Kacey-  October 1- October 8 : A job well done Kacey!!!!!

Victoria-   October 11- October 18: A job well done!!!!!!!

Hermes- October 15-22 

Homework –  October 15,2019

  1.  Reading – workbook – page 82
  2. Math- workbook – page 31
  3. Religion test- chapter 3- tomorrow.
  4. $2.00 dress down


Religion test-  Chapter 3 :   10-16-19

Review-  Know all the vocabulary, read over the chapter and be able to draw the Holy Family.    

Science project- due October 22

Make a collage of different types of mammals.  Put the pictures of construction paper.   Please label the mammals.  


Reading logs-  Due December 20th.  I gave out the reading logs today please look in home folder.     


Computer- Monday

Gym- Tuesday

Italian- Wednesday    





First Grade Supply LIst

Posted on July 15, 2019

Please label everything with your child’s name.  

  • $8 for notebooks ($2 each) please put in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Notebooks are ordered in school.  
  • 2 folders with two pockets
  • 12 sharpened pencils
  • Pencil case
  • crayons
  • glue stick
  • safety scissors
  • construction paper
  • loose leaf paper ( a package)
  • ruler
  • 1 box of tissues
  • 1 package of baby wipes
  • 1 roll of paper towels




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