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Please check here often for homework posted and reminders. 

If  parents have any questions or concerns feel free to speak with me.   You can also write me a note and I will be more than happy to set up an appointment.

Buster the Bear
The first grade has a classroom teddy bear named Buster. Starting Monday each child will have to take Buster home for ONE week. They will have to write in a shared journal any adventures that they take with Buster during the week (ex. a trip to the movies, or a walk in the park). When your child takes Buster home the journal notebook will also come home with them. After the week is up Buster and the journal must be returned so the next child can take home Buster (Every Monday). You can also take pictures with Buster and add them to the Journal. Have a great time and go on many adventures.

Spelling words for the week of  October 16 and 23


  1.  flap
  2. glass
  3. class
  4. plans
  5. slips
  6. flips
  7. slick
  8. flag
  9. clap
  10. slam

Spelling test- October 27( Friday)

Homework- October 18,2017

  1. Phonics- worksheets
  2. Bring in a picture of how a car use to look from the past example 1920  ‘s 1930’s, 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980,1990.- due tomorrow. ( You can draw a picture or get one from the internet)

Please have your children come in with pencils.  


Friday-  October 20-  Anti- Bully Day  :  Children can dress down and wear something orange.  


Social Studies- test October 26  ( Thursday)  Review is in home folder



Big Math Books can stay home and return on Thursday the day of the test.


Trip money is due- tomorrow if you did not pay yet.

Upcoming test/Projects

Religion- worksheet- chapter 2- due Tuesday – October 17 ( take home test)

                                      chapter 3- in class test  – October 17

October 18-  Science living and non- living project- due

October 19-  Math test- chapter 2 – Lesson 1 to 7 :  study from the big math workbook.


November 1-  All Saints Day

Pick a Saint get a picture of that Saint glue it on construction paper and write five sentences about that Saint.   










First Grade Homework, 9/27/17 and Earlier

Posted on September 27, 2017

Tuesday-  September 27

Wednesday to Friday-     Dress Down 🙂

Homework-   due Friday

1.  Reading- workbook – pages 15,16,17

2.  Math- workbook- page 10

3.  Grammar- page GR 9

4. Spelling – study- test on Friday- words from last week and this week.



In the Math big book – study pages 15- 25    ( Lesson 6-11) test October 3

Spelling words- 9/18

1. ax




Spelling words for 9/25

  1.  rat
  2. ran
  3. back
  4. sad
  5. jam



Spelling test-  Friday 9/29- on words from the week 9/18






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