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1st grade

Welcome to the First Grade page! My name is Mrs. DiDio and my email is! Please e-mail me if you have any questions.   

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Happy New Year!!

Homework-    January 11,2021

  1.   Spelling- Write sentences numbers 1 to 5
  2. Read something for 20 mins.
  3. Grammar- page GR 99 

Spelling words-   January 11-15

  1. in
  2. it
  3. did
  4. sit
  5. fix
  6. lip
  7. mix
  8. pin
  9. wig
  10. six

Spelling test-    Friday – January 15

Religion-   The Ten Commandments –    religion pages 144-147

Pick one Commandment get a picture or draw a picture of that Commandment and write a sentence of that Commandment.   – Due Friday January 15

  1.   Believe in One God.
  2. Speak God’s name with respect
  3. Honor the Lord’s Day.
  4. We obey our parents and all who take their place.
  5. We respect all human life.
  6. We respect our bodies and the bodies of others.
  7. We do not take anything that is not ours.
  8. We tell the truth.
  9. We are thankful for our family and friends.
  10. We are thankful for what we own and do not  get jealous of what others own.

Social Studies Project – due January 29th 

In Social Studies we have been learning about communities.    For this project the students have to create a diorama of something in the community such as a store, school, church, and park.  These are only examples you can think of something else if you would like.     To create your diorama please use a shoe box ( does not matter the size).    In class we will be discussing how dioramas look.    When doing this project be creative and have fun.       


When you get back from Christmas break please make sure you have these supplies.     Supplies are running low please re-fresh for January 2021.            

  1.  $8 for a notebook ( $2 each)-  please put in an envelope with your child’s name.  I will be ordering the children  notebooks.
  2.  2 folders with two -pockets
  3.  12 sharpened pencils
  4.  pencil case
  5.  safety scissors
  6.  construction paper
  7.  glue stick
  8.  Loose leaf paper ( a package)
  9.  ruler
  10.  2 rolls of paper towels
  11.  2 bottles of hand soap/label with child’s name
  12.  Face covering
  13.  headphones
  14.  1 box of crayons 

Please have your child have hand sanitizer  in a zip lock baggie with your child’s name.  

Please label everything with your child’s name.   


Mrs. DiDio