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Homework- 9-29 -20

1.      Please pack a light snack and lunch.   Remember no lunch boxes you can use a brown bag or plastic bag.


2.     What month is your child’s birthday?    Please write it down for me thanks.

3.  Grammar- page GR24/    Grammar test-  Friday – study 

4. Social Studies- worksheet  

6.   Spelling test- signed and returned     

7.  Math-test signed  and returned.   


    Reminders – 

Please bring a book from home.  

Grammar test-   Friday  October 2-    sentences, questions, exclamations.     Study pages GR1  t0  GR 18 

12:20-  dismissal-  Friday October 2

Religion test-   Tuesday October 6-   Chapter 1-   Religion review is in home folder.     



  • All workbooks must be covered in clear contact paper. – by Friday- 9- 25.    I will send books  home one at a time I do not want school bags to be  heavy.      


I’m excited to be your child’s first grade teacher, 2020-2021

Here is the supply list your child will need when entering school in September.    

  1.  $8 for a notebook ( $2 each)-  please put in an envelope with your child’s name.  I will be ordering the children  notebooks.
  2.  2 folders with two -pockets
  3.  12 sharpened pencils
  4.  pencil case
  5.  safety scissors
  6.  construction paper
  7.  glue stick
  8.  Loose leaf paper ( a package)
  9.  ruler
  10.  2 rolls of paper towels
  11.  2 bottles of hand soap/label with child’s name
  12.  Face covering
  13.  headphones
  14.  1 box of crayons 

Please have your child have hand sanitizer  in a zip lock baggie with your child’s name.  

Please label everything with your child’s name.   


Mrs. DiDio 


My email is    Please e mail me if you have any questions.