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First Grade Celebrating World Kindness Day!

The first grade has a class teddy bear named Buster.  Each child will go home with with  Buster and the class journal notebook.  Each child will spend time  with Buster for a week.  During this time you have to take pictures with Buster and write adventures that you did with Buster and put it in the journal.     

We are going in alphabetical order.   

Jacob-  must return Buster October 29 – Thank you Jacob for taking care of Buster a job well done.  

James- must return Buster Nov 6-  Thank you James for taking care of Buster a job well done.  

Ashley-  must return Buster Nov. 13- Thank you for taking care of Buster a job well done.  

Levanna – Thank you  for taking care of Buster a job well done.

Brayden-  return Buster November 27.  Thank you Brayden a job well done.  

Anthony-  must return Buster 12-4 .  Thank you Anthony a job well done.  

Noemi- must return Buster 12-11.  Thank you Noemi a job well done.  

Buster will return after Christmas vacation.

Homework 12- 17- 18:    All homework due tomorrow.   

  1.  Religion – page 164
  2. Math- worksheet
  3. Write 5 sentences using verbs. -Verb test tomorrow.  
  4. Please wear something white to school tomorrow.  

Wednesday  – December 19-    Grammar test on verbs and verbs past tense.  The verbs in the past tense end with ed 

Friday –  December 21-   Christmas party in the classroom. :Bring in your own drinks.  Wear something festive or ugly sweater.  

Your children volunteered to bring these items if there is a conflict please let me know.  

Ashley-  cupcakes

Brayden-  paper plates

Frank-  cookies

Jonathan- donuts

Samuel and Jacob-   chips

Shania-  pretzels

Levanna-  Napkins  

Noemi- cupcakes

Kara-  cookies

Anthony-  donuts  

No spelling test this  week.  


All homework should be looked at and signed by a parent.





Please look at your e-mail the December   calendar was e mailed through option C .  













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