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1st Grade in the STEM Lab! 

The first grade has a class teddy bear named Buster.  Each child will go home with with  Buster and the class journal notebook.  Each child will spend time  with Buster for a week.  During this time you have to take pictures with Buster and write adventures that you did with Buster and put it in the journal.     

We are going in alphabetical order.   

Jacob-  must return Buster October 29 – Thank you Jacob for taking care of Buster a job well done.  

James- must return Buster Nov 6-  Thank you James for taking care of Buster a job well done.  

Ashley-  must return Buster Nov. 13- Thank you for taking care of Buster a job well done.  

Levanna – Thank you  for taking care of Buster a job well done.

Brayden-  return Buster November 27.  Thank you Brayden a job well done.  

Anthony-  must return Buster 12-4 .  Thank you Anthony a job well done.  

Noemi- must return Buster 12-11.  Thank you Noemi a job well done.  

Mia- must return  Buster 1- 14.  Thank you Mia a job well done.  

Samuel-  must return Buster 1- 22. Thank you Samuel a job well done.  

Shania-  must return Buster 2-4.   Thank you Shania  a job well done.  

Kara- must return Buster 2-11.  Thank you Kara a job well  done.  

Frank- must return Buster 3-4.    Thank you Frank a job well done. 



Please make sure children come to school with pencils and crayons.     

Homework  April 15 –  All homework is due tomorrow.   

  1.  Religion – page 312
  2. Math- worksheet
  3. Reading – workbook – page 259
  4. $ 2.00 dress down – tomorrow.
  5. Bring in an extra drink and snack.  

Social Studies – packet – due Wednesday – April 17 ( Look in home folder)

On Wednesday – I am allowing children to bring in an extra snack and drink.   

Over Easter Break read.    

Reading logs – due May 15-17  




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