Faculty and Staff


Ms. Danielle Alfeo ([email protected])

Pre-K For All Director

Ms. Lisa Grgorinic (lgrgorinic@stpeteracademy-brooklyn.org)

3-K for All

Daniella Butrico, Teacher ([email protected])
Joyce Morton, Teacher Assistant 

Mrs. Paula DiGiaro ([email protected])
Paulina Acevedo, Teacher Assistant 

Pre-K for All

Pre-K Class A
Mrs. Laurie Calbo, Teacher ([email protected])
Mrs. Deborah Vurckio, Teacher Assistant

Pre-K Class B
Ms. Natacha Paul, Teacher ([email protected])
Ms. Maria Pastorello, Teacher Assistant

Pre-K Class C
Mrs. Gladys Pagan-Cruz, Teacher ([email protected])
Mrs. Louise Frugone, Teacher Assistant

Pre-K Class D
Ms. Joann Badalmenti, Teacher ([email protected])
Mrs. Madeline Mineo, Teacher Assistant

Pre-K Class E
Ms. Brianna Vurckio, Teacher ([email protected])
Mrs. Giovanna Montenigro, Teacher Assistant 

Maria DiBartolo, Floater
Mercedes Diaz, Floater
Tina Maschi-Longo, Floater                                                                                              Anamarie Catarelli, Floater

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Ms. Caitlin Snyder (csnyder@stpeteracademy-brooklyn.org)
Mrs. Angela Castellano, Teacher Aide

First Grade
Mrs. Nicole DiDio ([email protected])

Second Grade
Mrs. Christina Champagnie ([email protected])

Third Grade
Ms. Gabriella Scarpaci (gscarpaci@stpeteracademy-brooklyn.org)

Fourth Grade
Ms. Filomena Piccolo ([email protected])

Fifth Grade
Mrs. Esther Latino ([email protected])

Sixth Grade
Mrs. Denise Nomikos ([email protected])

Seventh Grade
Mr. Mercado ([email protected])

Eighth Grade
Mrs. Dolores Gammone ([email protected])

Special Subjects

Ms. Lylin Chang ([email protected])

Resource Room
Marie DiGenova ([email protected])

Physical Education
Mrs. LoriAnn Daly ([email protected])

Special Project Counseling 

Mary Naula ([email protected])

Other Staff

School Secretary
Mrs. Lisa Gatto ([email protected])

School Nurse
Ms. Vanessa McClymont ([email protected])

Ashley Coniglio and Marie DiGenova