ASK Program

ask induction 2016The ASK Program, which is an acronym for Always Seeking Knowledge, is an honors program affiliated with the Diocesan Aquinas Program.  At St. Peter’s, all eligible candidates must: be honors students with all report card grades in the 90’s, have Terra Nova scores in the 75%, write an essay explaining why they wish to be members of the program, receive two teacher recommendations, sign a contract of committment and pass an interview.  Candidates are not considered members until after the first marking period of the school year.

This year, the students pictured on the right, were inducted into the program during the closing Mass for Catholic Schools’ Week.  These sixteen students are currently working on a project based on the encyclical of Pope Francis I, Laudato Si, On Caring for our Common Home.  They are creating a children’s book about the encyclical, a pamphlet with suggestions about how we can conserve our natural resources, and various useful items out of recycled goods.  This project will be displayed on Wednesday, May 4th, at the Aquinas Expo, right here at St. Peter’s in our gym.  All are welcome to come to see it.  (To view a video about the Pope’s encyclical, or to learn more about climate change, go to this webite:



During Thanksgiving, the ASK Program students sponsored a food drive for Reaching Out Community Services.  For Christmas, they conducted a Toy Drive for the same organization.  Below is a picture of ASK Program students with the posters they made to advertise the toy drive.  The party for the recipients of the toys was held in St. Mary’s Church basement and was a huge success.


ask program toy drive picture

On April 8th, the ASK Program visited the United Nations and were given a tour of the General Assembly where Pope Francis addressed member nations about climate change.  The visit included a look at various ways that the United Nations works to cultivate a culture of peace throughout the world.  Below is a picture of the students before their tour.

ask program visit to un

On April 28th, the ASK Program members met with Sister Maryann Seton Lopiccolo SC, to discuss their project and Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato si’.  The students enjoyed Sister’s visit and learned a great deal more about the encyclical and the Pope himself.  Below is a picture of their meeting.

ask program visit with sister maryann - Copy