Art Room Week 3/23-3/27

Grades 4-8 

Please go to Google Classroom for Art lessons

Grades K-3 

Please refer to Art lessons, ideas and suggestions  below :

Thank you!

Mrs. Geraci


Please keep your drawings to be collected and placed into box in Art Room when we return:

Please write your name and grade on back of paper

You may use whatever supplies you have at home : copy paper, loos leaf, crayons or pencils

see Below:

Be Like Frida!

DRAW A SELF-PORTRAIT and include your own pet or a favorite animal in the picture.


Image result for frida kahlo self portrait

Image result for self portrait frida kahlo parrot


  • Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico 
  • She became one of the most famous painters of the 20th century
  • She painted several Self- Portraits
  • She loved animals and had many pets – a cat, a parrot, and monkeys!


Image result for how to draw a spider monkeyImage result for how to draw a parrot