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FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2017:

1.) $2 Dress Down for the whole week

2.) Height and weight due tomorrow


  • This year the students will have to complete TWO Book Reports and A Math Summer Challenge. The Math Challenge is to be completed on the education city website under homework. The students must obtain a minimum of 80% for this to count. I will be tracking the students work. The children can not open their homework until June 23rd and it will close on August 21st. The children have their logins in their homework notebooks. Please be sure that you go to the correct website, you can click the link below if not make sure you are logging into the USA or your login will not work. I will also attach their logins to their packets that I will be sending home. If you loose your login information or you are a new student please email me at: so that I can provide you with this information. This will be counted as your first grade in Math and LA next year.


Please find a scanned copy of the summer requirements for the 4th Grade below:

summer book report packet



June 20 – Maxim

June 21 – Edward








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