First Grade

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Dear Parents,
Welcome to a new school year. Below you will find a list of items that you will need to purchase for your child.
1. crayons

2. pencils with erasers (no pencil sharpeners allowed in class) Please be sure your child comes to school with several sharpened pencils with erasers each day.

3. pencil case (SOFT ONES, NOT THE HARD CASES)

4. glue sticks

5. scissors

6. 6 folders (pockets on the bottom, not the sides)

7. 6 cursive notebooks (these notebooks are to be purchased in the school supply room.) Please send your child in with $9 in an envelope marked “notebooks” and the books will be given to your child in class.

8. soft lunch box

All workbooks are to be covered by September 15.
All supplies are to be in school by September 11.

Please be sure to send your child in with their books every day. Books are not to be kept home to study or because they are not covered yet.
If anyone can donate supplies, it would be appreciated. The first grade class will need: tissues, paper towels, baby wipes and band aids. 

Thank you for your cooperation.